Finnaly i have completed my 2nd mini instrumental album. Here are the songs, hope you like it ūüôā


some composition i found at youtube. there is some good word i found in the comment section of the video :
” wasn’t able to ever really word it but that’s exactly how it feels. I’m happy to be sad and I’m sad when i’m happy. I’m sad that everything I’ll ever love or feel or see or hear will end one day. But happy that we were or are will. It’s almost as if happiness and sadness are the same. Yet, both beautiful in their own way. Something worth looking at straight on with everything you have ”

pleasure meeting you ūüôā ~

Respect to Creativity

A few days ago , i found this picture on my facebook newsfeed (liked by my friend , petteri sariola – acoustic guitar virtuoso from finland) . Can’t stop laughing on it since i read the answer for each question above, but then i got some thought . This guy must be an epic legend for¬† the way he answer the question , i learn that life is easier to go when we live a good life with maximal creative we had . Furthermore the teacher assessment give us some important value too ., that creativity should get an award for its effort. We should look a great things behind a mistake that peoples do , there is a positive outcome too when the mistakes did. So , we had to¬† more appreciate for creativity in our life .

An article that I got from my friend, Jubing Kristianto – A Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer from Indonesia. This article may open your eyes about the need of musical notes reading skill . In this article, the musicians described as a storyteller. lets check it out:

Storyteller 1: Deaf, but he could still tell stories because he could read fairy tales from written story. He might read it for his audience.

Storyteller 2: Blind, but he could still tell stories because he could listen to other storytellers. Having heard, he was to be memorized and recounted to the audience (if necessary with improvisation).

Storyteller 3: Neither deaf nor blind. So he can learn new fairy tales of reading and hearing or remembering stories directly from other storytellers.

Storyteller 4: Maybe he’s blind or deaf, maybe both, and may not be blind and not deaf, but he can make his own fairy tale!


Q : Which storyteller who has the fastest growing of tale vocabulary and knowledge ?

A : No doubt who can read, can be heard at the same time, and also can make your own masterpiece.

Q : Which of the four who were most able to succeed as a storyteller?

A : All of them , as long as he could have good/interesting material for the tale , and knows how best to serve it-in order to lure the listener as much as possible.


Ever had mistakes ?

I did a mistake. A lil thing that unthinkable would hurt people . i’ve never to devise this trouble could happen . I found that everything which is involve other people should be confirmed before do something me wanna do. Ok, the problem is ” i do some thing that unconfirmed” . But i realized that it was a mistake , and i feel so sorry when recognize it . Make sure you couldn’t do this , don’t makes hurt to any people if you don’t want to feel it too.


This morning i’ve found some interesting thing from my friend in the Facebook. He is Ken Bonfield , a virtuoso guitarist from Gloucester, Massachusetts – USA . He post on the status

“I know some people will laugh when they read this, but I think this new Carruth is my last guitar. There are no sonic holes in my collection. It’s time to use my energy to uncover and discover the music in the guitars I have.”

I think¬† he was right ,¬† there are a million of guitarist out there¬† , and many¬† of them always thinking¬† to have more and more deluxe guitar . But they forget that the important thing was ” make sure your guitar to love u ” . When you and your guitar falling in love together , it could be a great thing to uncover and discover new musical experience together with the chemistry .¬† So, be faithful to your guitar dude ~


Amin sinta lle, Lindar?

Amin sinta lle, Lindar?
Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle . Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle
Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n’ omenta gurtha
Saesa omentien lle
Quel esta
Tenna’ tul’re (san’)


that was a message for me above , from someone that i adore .  it was written in elvish ( elf Language )

this is the english translation  :

do i know u , bard ?

Don’t look for trouble, it will come to you¬† . Don’t look for trouble, it will come to you¬† .

May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown

Pleasure meeting you

Rest well

Until tomorrow (then)