“when you love someone , just be brave to say … that you want him , to be with you ”  … some lyric from the song ” when you love someone” by Endah n Rhesa . So …. what did you do  when you love her/him ?   You haven’t to answer it. Ayay… Le me tell yo bout a stowi ~ dis lil stowi is bout a dude dat jast got kras in laf  . yo yo ..


Once upon a time there is  a “dude” who searching for the meaning of love . He got a lil crazy after a thousand of hurt ~pain and more pain~  from always being a stupid donkey whos give love to a woman that not truly love him. Yes it was a fairytale , but the dude think no to be a dreamer . He just some other stink rubbish -poor man-, don’t have a much of great things in his life.


Then The Fate choose him to be in a time -the term is- he was wake up in a slightly mysterious forest . There was mist everywhere he look around. then he feels more lonely , more crazy, seems like he had to eat washabi to much and then he did “HARAKIRI”


De fvck … le me wewain dis lil dump  ( read as : let me rewind the story) . After he woke up in that misty forest , he try to take a walk there …. look to every side of the forest . so cold , deepy , dark ..  “ah cool things, i can feel relaxed to take a nap alone here” …. sssssffftttt , what a lazy dude


in the time he feels relaxed by .. there is a sound . a beatiful sound , so beautiful humming song .  He surprised then . And for the first time in his life , he want to be in a dream when he heard that beatiful humm . A nice and realaxed dreams . Spontaneously the dude run  through the forest to find the sound source , but later a moment the sound disappear . the dude stopped to run for a while , but then he try to run again through the forest thinks he can reach the source of the humming sound .. but he find nothing , he just can see tree, leaf, mist … and some of a washabi , then he eat that washabi until die *not again


after he ate those stupid washabi , he feel relaxed .. and lie down to a trunk.  He start thinking ” i’ve never   to be a dreamer, why did me such a stupid , dream is  beautiful and coolest think i ever had . Make me runing through the forest to reach them , and then make me to eat some washabi” (no dude , dis  was yo er stupid callalo)


~ to be continued ~

yeah , dad was only a stowi  . but i’ve to tell you something. you wouldn’t find the word “love” in dictionary . But you would find the word “ambisition” , love has the similiar mission of ambition.

keep dreaming on your dream.



Anoying Statement

There is only 3 kind of statement …. truthful , lie , and with no mean .

Good morning cheery people 😀

and sleep tight Haara ~ Grok


Idealistic and realistic  are  contradictive .. But sure , i’ve both of them . The point is what i choose when i’m doing something. No i didn’t choose, i put both of them on my effort. Realistic give me some logical for thinking about a risk from some way of doing something , and idealistic can teach me how to  fight  the risk . These compose the word ” just do what you wanna dream , and do catch it – then dreams come true” . With no offense, do you ever think you’re bounded to your own rules?


Autism in Social Life

Something happened this night   and this thing  make me so sad .  I found that one of my college friend abused by the another one on the facebook. My friend ~ the abused one – name is ryan , he had autism . The rumor is ,  ryan say something that misunderstanding by the another one.  Deep inside , ryan feels so worried about that he was the only one who can graduated on time. But the man think ryan is conceited about the thing, then he abusing ryan in a post on the facebook.

Just think before you screwed a “damn fvcking word” dude . You have a brain with  more and more  realization . Why did you stink up such a dog -with no brain.
I just think about where is the charity for the humanity . How could it be so hard to respect other .  do the person who had austism want to be like that? it was what The God gave to him.  Behave sincerely to the life , it would be fun to live .


March 8th , 2012 . I’m thinking about making some – sound’s like ” DAMN AMAZING ” in your head – in my life.  Let begun from my primary passion on Fingerpicking-Style ( known as Fingerstyle ) Guitar . Started in early 2010 , i was excited to instrumental acoustic guitar’s song,  Depapepe – Acoustic Duo from Japan  is the first who give me influence on it. In the searching of another musician who have an Instrumental Composition , I found Kotaro Oshio – Acoustic Virtuoso Guitarist from Japan . I’m really excited then, He can make some cool composition only with one music intruments – acoustic guitar . Then i try to play guitar in his way . 2 years of studying alone the tehnic of fingerstyle make me so bored. Because of that, i try to create a lil community in facebook, i create a facebook group named Indonesian Fingerstyle Guitar Community.  There is one of my friend’s play fingerstyle too, then he help me to search the people who loved play guitar in fingerpicking-style way too. In a few week , i was surprised to the number of people on the group. It reached a hundred person .  So i get this community would be a global national community in indonesia . I’ve a plan to do a National Fingerpicking Festival . Hope its all well

do you like fingerpicking style too? join us 🙂

IFGC Official Facebook Group

IFGC Official Facebook Page

IFGC Official Twitter

It was been a long time since i write my last post . Many thing i had in my life a few years ago . I’m trying to make this blog as my life journal, as a junior music composer. Hopefully will be a nice journal to be enjoyed.



Season Of Good Rain

It was December friday afternoon

I walk alone this city street

Stop a while i have a meal

I see leaves fall and then the rain drop

Cloud give coolness when it was a white one

But keep smiling at the dark one

He was give the coolness too

The rain knows the right time to drop

It was a late evening

Didn’t want this circumstances would goes by

Cause it was a season of a good rain